Buy fuel or buy freedom.  New Day Energy gives you the choice!


A note from the President

All of us at New Day Energy are dedicated to the proposition that living responsibly sets us free.

Our hope is to provide each of you with the opportunity to move forward towards true household energy independence in the most efficient and cost effective method.

The Federal Income Tax Credit has been extended! Knowledge is Power.

Please Call Before Signing We’ll compare SOLAR Ownership and Leasing so you can make an informed decision.  781-679-0715

In addition to the traditional alternatives of Wind and Solar we are pleased to offer the most advanced and reliable Automatic Pellet Boiler and Automatic Pellet Furnace available in the U.S. Market.  The Okofen systems, designed in Austria with final assembly in the U.S., Represent the most advanced and proven design available.  Their long history of success in Europe, where quality is closely monitored, is being matched by their success in the U.S. where they represent the overwhelming majority of systems installed under the current New Hampshire and Massachusetts current rebate programs.

We realize for many who are seeking energy independence, due to your financial situation, this must be accomplished in stages. We are working hard to make available to you, through links on our site, contacts for financing through traditional financial institutions as well as listings of State and Federal programs intended to support the growth of Renewable Alternative Energy in an effort to encourage you to provide yourself with the greatest amount of energy independence possible!

I encourage you to keep looking, keep asking questions and remember-each step you take towards your household energy independence is bringing you closer to living in the fruits of that independence.

Thank you for your interest in renewable alternative energy.


Mark M. Robinson