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Hydrogen-The Fuel of the Future!

Our machines, which generate Oxygen and Hydrogen, have the following advances: Safety, Economy and Environmental friendliness. The "Oxy-Hydrogen Generator" derives fuel directly from soft, clean water and a small amount of electricity, generating a fuel that has better heat concentration and less radiation than with other gas fuels. It eliminates the existing dangers of today's gas transportation and tank storage.

Meets and Exceeds Ecological and Environmental Requirements
The gas generated by our machines can be completely burned without smoke and carbon monoxide. Pollution and toxins are not generated.

High Safety Requirements
The energy is available as soon as you turn on the machine. Multiple safety devices are built-in. When insufficient water or coolant is present, or when overheated, the machine will cut off automatically, thus ensuring the safety of equipment and users alike.

Economy and Practicality
Requires only easily accessible soft water and a small amount of electric.

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