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AC Coupled Home Battery Backup

Use your existing grid-tied Solar PV array when the electrical grid is "down"!                    

Using a technology called "AC Coupling" will allow your grid-tied solar power system to generate power even during grid-blackouts. Why let $20,000 worth of solar panels on your roof sit idle when you need it most?!

 The American Independence 8800 is safe and easy to install. Designed to work with grid-tie systems with solar panel arrays no larger than 8,800 watts this system includes two Magnum Energy MS4448PAE sinewave inverters, an inverter remote controller, battery monitor, and cabling.

           Ask about battery bank options. Energy Storage for Security and Freedom!

 Additional sizes are available. For information and further system details please contact us.

The system pictured maximized options combining the Enphase Micro-Inverter based system with Energy Storage AND an automatic backup generator. Run for extended periods without grid power!

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