Buy fuel or buy freedom.  New Day Energy gives you the choice!


Buy fuel or buy freedom.  New Day Energy gives you the choice!


Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Panels

Small cells called solar cells are connected together to form a solar panel. Solar panels in turn are connected together to form large systems called arrays.

Solar panels work hand in hand with
other important components to
form a solar electric system. Solar
panels convert sunlight directly to
electricity. Solar panels are also
known as Photovoltaic (PV) panels.
Quality solar panels are very
important for any solar project.
These are the very heart of

every solar power & electric system.

Features of Our Solar Panels:

Enphase , leading the industry in Micro-inverters!

Modern microinverters convert DC power to AC power at the power panel, revolutionizing PV applications which may experience shade during a portion of the day. Previously, exposure to shade would shut down the entire solar array. This vastly increases the number of locations that can benefit from PV installations. An added advantage is the loss of a single inverter does not cripple the entire system while awaiting repairs.

The Enphase Microinverter System integrates state-of-the-art solar microinverters with advanced communications technology and web-based monitoring and analytics. To learn more click on the Enphase icon below.

Mounting options: No cookie cutters!

         No two systems are optomized the same.

To insure your system is optomized for your exact setting we offer Fixed Roof mounts, Ballasted Roof mounts, Pole mounts, Full Ground Mounts and Dual Axis Tracking Mounts.

Our mounting suppliers include:

 Snap-n-Rack,  AET,  DPW,  Power-Fab,  Zilla,  All Earth

We offer a variety of technologies to choose from.  All systems are configured to your specific needs.

Solar Thermal

Solar water heating evolved from the early flawed low tech systems into a variety of very advanced closely controlled, durable products.  

Flat Plate Collectors

Considered the standard for domestic systems Flat Plate design has evolved utilizing advanced construction methods and improved insulating and glazing materials. A good reliable system component.

Evacuated Tube Collectors

High efficiency through the use of individual double walled evacuated tubes that present the maximum surface area from the moment the sun touches them combines with the ability to effect repairs on a single tube without needing to take the system off line or drain the system!


Thermal Storage

Storage is critical to every hot water system. Selecting an appropriate solution is often compounded by space limitations. In addition to our

traditional state of the art storage tanks we offer a very advanced line of Made in USA tanks that are delivered Folded and Flat! Large tanks you can carry through any standard doorway! Both styles lead the industry in durability and our folding tanks have a 10 year warranty with 15 and 20 year extensions available.

Sun Bandit is Changing the game!

  Just when you think you’ve seen it all along comes a game changer!

 The First SRCC certified Solar Hot Water system that has NO Fluid ON THE ROOF and NO Pump Station. The result is nothing to maintain, no recharging, no leaks No moving parts!


Call Today and find out how you can go beyond plumbing and piping! No Muss No Fuss!        



Solar Solutions

Solar energy is the most promising renewable energy sources worldwide. With increasing technological advancements and increasing power output per panel, solar power systems are becoming more affordable and practical for residential use.

                Federal Income Tax Credit Extended!

Join the millions of homeowners who have decided to invest in themselves! Given the opportunity would you chose to endlessly pay your electric company for electricity when with little or no change in your monthly budget you could own the system you need in a few short years? Often the choice is simple, over 25 years a homeowner pays out $54,000 for Electricity. Owning the system saves $49,000 of that amount. Let us show you how to make the available incentives work for you. At the end of the day this sample homeowner is Net $5,000 out of pocket freeing up $49,000 of his own money to use on other choices. SET YOUR MONEY FREE! Get your answers Today!

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Save Money and Increase Your Home's Value

A "green" home will put green in your pocket! By
using sunshine to heat your water, you may cut your water heating bill in half. Another benefit is the longevity of a solar system, the average life expectancy of solar water heating systems is 20 years, much longer than standard gas or electric storage water heaters.

If you are located in a climate that is not subject to frost, a vacuum tube solar hot water heater is an ideal solution.

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Wondering About Tax Credits?

For a complete list of state, local, utility and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, click the link below.

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