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Wood Pellet Options

As the European demand for wood pellets has exceeded its capacity to produce them, wood products manufacturers in Maine, New Hampshire, in neighboring Canada, and across the continent have begun making wood pellets for the European market. We are assured a lasting, robust fuel production industry and favorable prices as these large capacity mills compete to sell their wood pellets. Within the next few years it is likely that over a million tons of premium wood pellets will be produced in the northeastern U.S. and neighboring Canada.

How Pellet Burning Works

Wood pellets are made either from the by-products of other wood manufacturing processes or from whole round wood. The wood is dried, pulverized, and then forced under high pressure through the holes in a die, much like spaghetti is made. Wood pellets can be made from either hardwood or softwood; premium or super premium pellets are very dry and have very little ash content. Softwood pellets often contain more heat per pound than hardwood pellets because of the resin in the wood. Burning wood pellets does not create chimney deposits as burning cordwood can; in fact, there is no smoke visible from the chimney when wood pellets are burning.

New-Day-Energy Wood Pellet Options:


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