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Wood Pellet Boilers

A wood pellet fired boiler works just as any other boiler does providing hot water to your baseboard radiation, radiators or radiant floor heating system and providing domestic hot water for your kitchen and bathrooms. Unlike oil boilers, wood pellet-fired boilers do require ash removal. The  MESys systems feature-rich Okofen AutoPellet systems require only occasional dumping of the ashes from the automatic ash collection system. The ash bin is light, and the ash is actually good for your garden or lawn, so disposal is a simple matter.

Wood Pellet Furnaces

MESys and Okofen bring another game changer with their Automatic Pellet Furnace. Now homes with forced hot air heat can take advantage of the high efficiency heating provided by this unit. You enjoy the same warmth provided by the original MESys / Okofen boiler by connecting it to your existing duct work.* Full featured automatic controls bring you comfort and the assurance you are heating with local renewable fuel!

Wood Pellet Delivery and Storage

Wood pellets are delivered pneumatically into storage bins in residential basements via fill tubes configured for delivery. Depending upon the size of the storage bins, in homes deliveries can provide fuel for extended periods. An ordinary home basement can generally accommodate a bin that will hold 4 or 5 tons of wood pellets. 4.5 tons of storage would have the heat equivalent of two 275 gallon tanks of #2 heating oil.

A home that burns 1,000 gallons of #2 heating oil would burn approximately 7.5 tons of premium wood pellets. 4 tons of wood pellets can be stored in a 6' cube in the basement. Schools or faclilties requiring increased storage typically use small silos to protect and store the pellets.

Wood pellets stored outside must be kept dry so proper outside storage containers are used. Wood pellets are delivered automatically by auger or by vacuum system from the pellet storage bin to the burner on the boiler. The feed mechanism is controlled by the burner; as it needs wood pellets it turns the auger or vacuum system on; when the system's storage tank is full, it ceases filling.

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Wood Pellet Options

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