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Engines operating with the EPOCH EP-C100 & EP-C50 Dual Fuel Hhybrid® Fuel Systems realize these important benefits:

Features and Components:

Sample Installations of the EP-C50


Designed specifically to meet the needs of delivery and utility vehicles with engine displacements in the 300-550 / 5000-9000 cc range these compact units are easy to install and maintain and provide the increase in mileage and carbon reduction and long service life needed for our working fleets.

Sample Installations of EP-C100

Euro-5 Class Mercedes Diesel Truck in Holland

Other Installations

Standard Bus Test

After testing the buses with the engine at idle and at different operating conditions, several steps were taken to enhance performance which resulted in the utilization of about 40 amperes of extra power from the existing bus system.

After calculating the difference before and after
the oxy-hydrogen unit was added, preliminary costing
savings have been about 12-19% (Variations: different
driver, weather, traffic lights stops); the average cost
saving is 15%.

*Prices effective as of July 8, 2013 and are subject to change.

Price: $ 3,775.00*

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New For V-8 and V-10 Delivery and Utility Vehicles!

Price: $ 2,200.00*

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Price: $ 7,125.00*

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EP-C100 12 Volt EP-C100 24 Volt Bus installation configuration of the EP-C100 Request Information Hybrid? Yes, you can! Watch this video to see how easy  it is to save on fuel costs and  reduce your emissions!