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The Carbon Cleaning Solution!

EP-350B-For Cars

The EP-350B will allow you to provide your customers with a carbon cleaning engine system that will not only produce an immediate reduction in their overall fuel consumption (and cost) but also reduce their long-term costs (and vehicle down time).

The Process

The process for carbon cleaning using the EPOCH EP-350B is simple.

The EP-350B is connected to the engine’s intake manifold via a vacuum hose. Water and carbon can be seen from the tailpipe after the 40-minute procedure has been completed and the engine revved to blow out residual material. When the oxy-hydrogen enriched fuel mixture ignites inside your engine, combustion is faster and more complete. This also causes any unburned residue to be burned. The bi-product of burning the oxygen-hydrogen gas from the EP-350B is ultra-high temperature steam.

The combined effects of complete combustion with greater turbulence and force, increased combustion speed and the water vapor act in a similar manner as getting your carpet steam cleaned. All deposits are loosened and ejected from the engine and out of the vehicle’s exhaust.

An added benefit is that emissions will also improve as will engine horsepower and torque. For vehicles that fail the required emissions tests, this procedure can offer them an affordable and immediate solution for lowering their emissions.

The Results of the EP-350B

The photos below show before and after treatment inside the engine. The after photos are of exactly the same cylinders and position as the ones above them to most clearly show the differences. The original surfaces and markings are once again visible, which demonstrates the effectiveness of this treatment.

Also Available:
The EP-130B for Carbon Cleaning motorcycles.

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