Buy fuel or buy freedom.  New Day Energy gives you the choice!


Buy fuel or buy freedom.  New Day Energy gives you the choice!


Residential Solar - Power your World!

  Ownership NOT Leasing Puts You In Control

 As seen in the news and in the warnings from the MA Attorney General, Leasing means sharing custody of your home! Customers are discovering they cannot get loans approved because banks including FHA lenders consider homes with leased systems as  not having clear title!

       Looking to OWN your system?    We offer solutions so you can!

  If you own your home you should own your Solar!

Join our ever growing family of owners.

                               They are easy to spot…look for the sun and the smile!


Systems designed specifically for your home. Reliable and virtually maintenance free. Longest warranties in the industry.

Every installation is turn key. System design, permitting, interconnection filing, REC registration and installation are all handled in house by our experienced staff.

The components in your system are classed as Tier 1 indicating they are the best available.

Panels from Hanwha, LG, Trina, Canadian Solar, Solarworld and Winiaco

Inverters from Enphase the Gold Standard of Grid Interactive Micro-Inverters

 Outback and Magnum Energy for Off Grid and AC Coupled Back-up

Racking from Snap-n-Rack, DPW, PowerFab, AllEarth and Zilla


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