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Hybrid Lighting


Sanya Street Lamp

Our environment produces vast amounts of natural energy. Let's show our environment we care - give a little back to nature, reduce the usage of fossil fuels, save money, or do it all simultaneously with the UGE Sanya street lamp.

With the UGE Sanya street lamp, installation is always quick and affordable. The Sanya is ideal for a variety of applications, such as roads, resorts, bridges, and parking lots.  Rather than offering only one design option, we will

customize your hybrid wind/solar street lamp to fit your application. Custom logos and designs can be added to the Sanya to create a powerful marketing tool for your company.

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Boardwalk Street Lamp

The sophisticated Boardwalk street lamp takes us back to a time of elegance and charm, where street lights not only served a practical purpose, but also were decorated with intricate patterns and ornate lanterns. Now over 100 years later, ornate path lighting is back, operating entirely on renewable energy!

Complete with the modern touches of UGE’s wind turbine, a 150W solar panel, and a 60W LED, Urban Green Energy's off-grid Boardwalk street lamp

makes cleantech synonymous with elegance.

The Boardwalk is perfect for your outdoor renewable lighting needs! Speak to your local distributor or visit to learn more about our products and available government incentives that will make your purchase even more affordable!