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Solar Hot Water

Find the renewable  energy solution that’s  right for you!


A Complete Solution for your home, business or institution!

From Utilities…..

To Schools and Non-Profits…

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 Residential and small commercial market typically able to install for same cost per  watt or within a 10 – 15% premium over other ground mount solutions. Results in  average lower cost per kWh

 AllSun Trackers are ideal for REC markets and performance based incentives  with up to 40% more kWh for same installed watts



                                  Built for Net Metering

The electricity produced by your AllSun Tracker goes first to your home or business and then to the grid. When the solar panels make more electricity than you need, the excess is fed into the grid and your electric meter runs backwards. If your home or business needs more electricity than is generated by your AllSun Tracker, your electric meter runs forward as you use electricity from the grid. Credit for excess generation is used to offset periods of time when you use more electricity than the tracker produces.

Easy installation

Even if your roof is unsuitable, (will need replacement soon, isn’t oriented towards the sun, has gables or other obstructions) your AllSun Tracker installer can quickly determine if your site is suitable. An ideal location for an AllSun Tracker requires an open area with southern exposure and unshaded view to the east and west. Multiple trackers can be added with a 45’ 55’ separation. On-site installation can often be completed in less than one day.

A Solid Investment

Solar is now more affordable than ever. Federal and state incentives are available to further reduce the cost. Additionally, as your electric utility rate inevitably increases, your investment in solar energy becomes more valuable over time.

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